Avanti IM12CIS

Avanti IM12CIS

The Avanti IM12CIS is a portable ice maker designed to meet all your ice needs. With a daily ice production capacity of 25 lbs., this ice maker ensures a constant supply of ice for your residential use. It features a sleek Stainless Steel color that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Weighing 25.00 lbs, it is easy to move and transport.

The IM12CIS has a storage capacity of 26 lbs., allowing you to store plenty of ice for parties or daily use. The cube type of cubes produced by this ice maker are ideal for chilling your beverages with its perfectly shaped ice cubes. With 180 Watts of power, it efficiently produces ice cubes in no time.

This ice maker is perfect for residential usage, and its manual defrost type makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. It even has a self-cleaning mode, ensuring hygienic ice production. The drain is required for proper functioning, and the water filter ensures clean and clear ice cubes.

The Avanti IM12CIS comes with all the essential accessories, including an ice scoop for convenient serving. It also has a built-in pump, allowing for easy drainage without the need for a separate pump. The bin light illuminates the ice storage area, making it easy to navigate during low light conditions.

This ice maker is commercially approved, meaning it exceeds industry standards for quality and performance. With automatic defrost and auto shut off functions, you never have to worry about ice production or safety. Get the Avanti IM12CIS ice maker and enjoy a continuous supply of ice, perfect for any occasion.