Brama Ice Machines


The Brama Company is a supplier of various appliances for commercial and home use. Today, its catalog includes not only ice machines of four styles (stands and makers of cubes, flakes, and nuggets) but also a broad line of other appliances of all sorts, sizes, and costs. Thus, in addition to ice machines, in Brama’s catalog, one can find other refrigeration equipment, appliances for cooking, washing, kitchenware, dining ware, tables, sinks, and many other items.

As for the ice machines, the Brama Company can offer models of floor type, under-counter, dispensers, and auxiliary equipment.

It effectively supplies products made by over a hundred brands from all over the world, which you can find in all department stores and malls in Canada, North America, and abroad. Brama caters to a broad number of industries, including groceries, hospitals, hotels, recreation centers, restaurants, camps, fast food chains, gas stations, banquet halls, golf courses, and others. The company’s most distinguishing features thanks to which they keep winning their clients are low prices and fast freight times.

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