GE Ice Machines


GE, which is more commonly known as GE Appliances, is a North American producer of household and commercial appliances of a broad range. It manufactures countertop ice makers, as well as under-counter models (also, spare parts and expendables to them). Its products’ price range is between half-thousand to several thousand dollars, depending on the model of the ice maker.

GE Appliances was a part of the General Electric Corporation in the early 20th century, after which it was separated as a subdivision. In the early 21st century, it was nearly sold to the Swedish Electrolux Company but the deal was halted by the US government to avoid the market monopoly. Later though, it was sold to the Haier Company, which today is a mother company for many appliance manufacturing companies on the market (that do not only ice makers but also other appliances for households and commercial users).

GE Appliances is a very large modern company, employing over 12 thousand people, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the US, serving nearly all countries in the world.

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