Hestan GIMR15

Hestan GIMR15

The Hestan GIMR15 ice maker is a premium built-in appliance that combines style, performance, and durability. With its sleek stainless steel color, it adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or outdoor space.

This ice maker boasts an impressive daily ice production capacity of 55 lbs, ensuring an ample and continuous supply of ice for all your needs. With an ice storage capacity of 22 lbs, you can store a significant amount of ice, reducing the need for frequent refills.

The bullet-shaped ice cubes it produces are versatile and perfect for cooling beverages quickly. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a refreshing drink on a hot day, this ice maker will deliver the perfect ice cubes every time.

With a weight of 120.00 lbs, the Hestan GIMR15 ice maker is solid and durable, built to withstand regular use. It operates at 120 Watts, combining power and efficiency for optimum performance.

Designed for residential usage, this ice maker is ideal for home kitchens, bars, or outdoor entertaining areas. It is also approved for outdoor use, making it a versatile choice for all your outdoor gatherings.

This ice maker offers convenient features such as front venting, allowing for easy installation under counters or in compact spaces. The included removable basket makes ice retrieval simple and hygienic, while the built-in pump ensures efficient drainage.

With a water filter included, the Hestan GIMR15 ice maker guarantees clean and pure ice cubes. The bin light illuminates the interior, making it easy to monitor ice levels, and the automatic defrost feature prevents ice buildup for hassle-free maintenance.

Whether you need ice for indoor parties or outdoor barbecues, the Hestan GIMR15 ice maker delivers exceptional performance. With its commercial approval, this ice maker meets the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and longevity.