Lynx Ice Machines


Lynx is not a large company with an internationally renowned name. Yet, it is doing well in its local geo, which is the US (being headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi). The company started in 1996 as a maker of professional grills, over time, incorporating other items into its product line:

  • • Outdoor ovens
  • • Cooktops
  • • Warming drawers
  • • Side burners
  • • Outdoor kitchens
  • • Refrigerators
  • • Storage units
  • • Cocktail stations
  • • Ventilation
  • • Sedona grills (a region-specific product)
  • • And accessories.

In fact, ice makers are not the strongest part of the company since the offer is very limited today. It is built around a 15" outdoor model that’s capable of producing 39 pounds of ice. But the company does much better in refrigerating appliances overall, manufacturing water kits, beverage dispensers, drawer fridges, wine cellars, and accessories. And when it comes to the kitchenware, appliances, and other items used in a kitchen, its offer is even wider, consisting of hundreds of positions.

The general focus of the company is on the durability and reliability of its products. The company does not directly sell on its website, preferring to distribute through the network of its dealers across the US.

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