Marvel 30IMTWWOR

Marvel 30IMTWWOR

The Marvel 30IMTWWOR ice maker is a high-quality built-in appliance designed for residential use. With a daily ice production capacity of 34 lbs., it ensures a steady supply of ice for your household needs. The spacious 30 lbs. ice storage allows you to store a sufficient amount of ice at any given time. The ice maker comes in a stylish and versatile Panel Ready color, allowing it to seamlessly blend with your kitchen decor.

Weighing 100.00 lbs., this ice maker is sturdy and durable. It produces cube-shaped ice, which is perfect for use in beverages or to chill a variety of drinks. It utilizes R134A refrigerant, ensuring efficient cooling and performance. The automatic defrost feature prevents ice build-up and keeps the ice maker operating optimally.

The self-cleaning mode makes maintenance effortless, while the drain required feature ensures proper drainage for efficient operation. The water filter ensures that you have clean and pure ice for consumption. With front venting, this ice maker can be seamlessly integrated into your cabinetry.

The removable basket allows for easy access to the ice storage, and the included ice scoop ensures convenient handling of the ice cubes. The bin light illuminates the interior, making it easy to see the contents. The auto shut off feature saves energy by automatically turning off the ice maker when the ice bin is full.

Overall, the Marvel 30IMTWWOR ice maker combines advanced features and convenience to offer a reliable solution for all your ice-making needs.