Orien Ice Machines


The name of the company-manufacturer is Orien USA LLC and it started manufacturing in 2011, catering to US clients. The head office is in Virginia Beach, Virginia, US.

The models of ice machines by Orien are designed for indoor usage. Some of them are large units that should be standing separately (they’re too large for a countertop or under-counter fit). While others are exactly such: smaller models to fit under counters.

In addition to ice makers, Orien produces outdoor refrigerators and beverage fridges (with one or two doors).

The company is not large at all, that’s why it has its website on a Shopify basis. Today’s catalog of models only comprises 7 positions, so there is no need for a large website. Yet, probably, saving on web hosting, the Orien Company does not save on making durable products, which incorporate a lot of stainless steel in their outer hull and inner details. That’s not to mention great design, which is completely aligned with the market trends.

Models List