Perlick H50IMSADL ADA Compliant

Perlick H50IMSADL ADA Compliant

The Perlick H50IMSADL ADA Compliant series ice maker is a powerhouse that brings convenience and style to any residential space. This undercounter ice maker produces an impressive 55 lbs of ice daily and features a storage capacity of 22 lbs, ensuring you never run out of ice during gatherings or everyday use.

Wrapped in a sleek stainless steel exterior, the Perlick H50IMSADL exudes class and durability, making it a perfect complement to any kitchen or entertainment area. With a weight of 115.00 lbs, this ice maker is built to last and withstand heavy usage.

The top hat-shaped ice cubes produced by the Perlick H50IMSADL are perfect for various applications, from a refreshing glass of water to chilling your favorite spirits. These cubes are designed to melt slowly, preventing dilution and ensuring your drinks stay colder longer.

This ice maker is specifically designed for residential usage and is ADA compliant. Its field-reversible doors offer flexibility during installation, allowing you to adapt them to your specific kitchen layout.

With front venting, this ice maker can be conveniently integrated into your cabinetry or placed under countertops without the need for additional space. A drain is required for proper operation, making sure that excess water is efficiently disposed of.

The Perlick H50IMSADL is also approved for outdoor use, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen or patio area. It can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring high performance year-round.

Furthermore, this ice maker accepts custom panels, allowing you to seamlessly match its appearance with the rest of your cabinetry. The removable basket makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze, while the included ice scoop ensures easy serving.

The addition of a bin light provides visibility, allowing you to easily monitor the ice levels even in low lighting conditions.

In summary, the Perlick H50IMSADL ADA Compliant series ice maker combines high daily ice production, sleek design, and convenient features to meet the demands of any residential setting. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, this ice maker is a reliable and stylish choice for those who value performance and functionality.