RCS Ice Machines


The story of the company began ¾ of a century ago when in 1949, the family of Cunninghams started a plumbing company in Texas, involving 3 family members in the business at first. The father of the family had 7 children and always worked hard to win his bread. In the 1970s, the company was still a family business, expanding thanks to the hard work of all members, including now all the children that have grown up by that time. They started to expand their business venture by selling various gas and grill equipment at first, also opening new business lines and growing in general. The entire 20th century was a time of growth for the company and the family thanks to the incredible dedication of the employees and especially the owners, who inherited a principle of hard work from their father, the company founder, who passed away by that time.

The modern name of the brand was born in 2003, together with the start of overseas sales, as the company had a lot of things to manufacture and sell internationally by that time:

  • • Refrigerators
  • • Side burners
  • • Grills
  • • Fireplaces
  • • Icemakers
  • • Sinks
  • • Doors and drawers
  • • Kitchen appliances and kitchenware.