Sapphire Ice Machines


There are only several models of ice machines that the Sapphire Company currently produces. They all are indoor cube ice makers, which differ in size (they are made of ADA and full size, up to 24”). Their biggest focus is on clear ice and the possibility to be designed for a particular interior (either with steel finish or panel-ready). Although the ice machines are positioned by the manufacturer as ones for households and commercial users, their price suggests that they are mainly for commercial clients. The ice machines are good in design and can be made in a number of sizes for better space and indoor beauty management.

Besides icemakers, Sapphire manufactures beverage centers, fridges for wine and ones with/without glass doors, fridge drawers, and accessories + spare parts for the above.

Sapphire is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US. The company has been working since 1994. Today, it is a subsidiary of The Legacy Companies, which also has such brands under its business umbrella: Bevles, Maxx Cold, Chef’s Choice, General, Legion, Maxx Ice, Yonanas, Omega, Excalibur, Vinotemp, Admiral Craft, Blakeslee, and Vinturi.