Scotsman Ice Machines


Scotsman Company, which is more officially known as Scotsman Ice Systems, is a large manufacturer of ice machines and other ice-connected appliances, which operates globally in more than 100 countries. With its branched structure, no wonder it has offices in the US (Illinois), Italy (Milan), China (Shanghai), Singapore, the UAE (Sharjah), South Africa (Boksburg), and Spain (Madrid). Despite so many international offices of the company that has been running already for over 70 years, all the equipment is designed and manufactured in the US, which supports not only local jobs at a level but also contributes to the significant quality of all appliances the company distributes across the globe.

To effectively distribute its ice machine models, the company has two websites: one specifically for commercial ice makers, and another for residential units. Its ice machines can make ice cubes and nuggets of several shapes (with indentations, square, round, tubular, etc.), slush ice, chewable ice, flakes, and others — everything to satisfy the growing and varying needs of industries and household users.