Sunpentown IM60YUS

Sunpentown IM60YUS

The Sunpentown IM60YUS ice maker is a versatile and high-performing countertop appliance. With a daily ice production capacity of 50 lbs., this ice maker ensures a continuous supply of ice, making it perfect for commercial use or large gatherings. The generous 25 lbs. ice storage capacity ensures that you always have an ample supply of ice available.

Featuring a sleek stainless steel color, the Sunpentown IM60YUS adds a touch of modern elegance to any setting. Weighing in at 100.00 lbs., this ice maker is sturdy and built for durability.

The gourmet type of cubes produced by this ice maker adds a sophisticated touch to any beverage. These cubes are slow-melting, ensuring that they don't dilute your drinks. They are ideal for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, or any other commercial establishments.

The Sunpentown IM60YUS ice maker is designed for commercial usage, making it perfect for high-demand environments. It operates using the environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant type, ensuring energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. A drain is required for optimal functionality and proper water drainage.

The field reversible doors provide flexibility in installation, allowing you to adapt the ice maker to your specific needs. The front venting design allows for easy installation in small spaces or under countertops. An ice scoop is included, making it convenient to serve ice to customers or guests.

Equipped with a bin light, the Sunpentown IM60YUS ice maker offers visibility and easy access to the ice, even in low-light conditions. The auto shut off feature saves energy by automatically turning off the machine when the ice bin is full. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this high-quality commercial ice maker, which guarantees a steady supply of ice for your business needs.