Sunpentown IM661C

Sunpentown IM661C

The Sunpentown IM661C is a versatile freestanding ice maker, perfect for residential use. With its sleek and elegant design in stainless steel color, it seamlessly blends into any kitchen decor. Weighing 62 lbs., this ice maker is sturdy and durable. It has a generous 15 lbs. ice storage capacity, ensuring you always have ice readily available for your needs.

The Sunpentown IM661C produces bullet-shaped ice cubes, ideal for all types of beverages and food preservation. Powered by R134A refrigerant, it efficiently and quickly produces ice, guaranteeing a constant supply.

This ice maker requires a drain for efficient operation, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. It features front venting, allowing for built-in applications or free-standing installation, depending on your preference. The package includes an ice scoop, providing a hygienic way to serve ice to your guests.

Equipped with an auto shut off feature, the Sunpentown IM661C intelligently stops producing ice when the ice storage is full. This prevents overflowing and avoids any potential damage to the ice maker.

Overall, the Sunpentown IM661C is a reliable and efficient ice maker that combines functionality with stylish design. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a cold drink on your own, this ice maker will meet and exceed your expectations.