Sunpentown SZB21

Sunpentown SZB21

Introducing the Sunpentown SZB21 ice maker, a compact and efficient appliance designed for residential use. This freestanding ice maker delivers a daily ice production capacity of 66 lbs., making it perfect for households that require a steady supply of ice for entertaining or everyday use.

With a convenient 7 lbs. ice storage capacity, the SZB21 ensures that you always have a sufficient amount of ice readily available. The stainless steel color not only adds a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen or entertainment area but also ensures durability and longevity. Weighing in at 70.55 lbs., the ice maker is sturdy and stable during operation.

The SZB21 ice maker produces flakes, a unique type of ice cubes that offer versatility in their usage. The light and soft texture of the flakes make them perfect for creating slushies, smoothies, or even displaying food for decorative purposes.

Operating at 270 Watts, this ice maker combines efficiency with a respectable ice production capacity. The self-cleaning mode eliminates the need for manual cleaning, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ice rather than maintaining the machine's cleanliness.

For added convenience, the SZB21 requires a drain for proper operation. Additionally, an ice scoop is included, ensuring hygienic and mess-free ice retrieval.

The Sunpentown SZB21 ice maker seamlessly combines compactness, functionality, and reliability. With its efficient ice production, self-cleaning mode, and included ice scoop, this ice maker is a great addition to any residential space, providing a constant and convenient supply of ice for all your entertaining and cooling needs.