Sunpentown SZB40

Sunpentown SZB40

Introducing the Sunpentown SZB40 ice maker, a high-capacity and versatile appliance perfect for residential use. Designed as a freestanding model, this ice maker delivers an incredible daily ice production capacity of 88 lbs., ensuring you'll never be without ice during gatherings or hot summer days.

With a spacious 12 lbs. ice storage capacity, this ice maker allows you to keep a substantial amount of ice on hand for immediate use or for keeping your beverages refreshingly cold for longer periods. The stainless steel color gives the SZB40 a sleek and modern aesthetic that will seamlessly blend with any kitchen or entertainment area decor.

Built with durability in mind, the SZB40 features a sturdy construction, weighing a solid 83.78 lbs., ensuring stability during operation and resistance against everyday wear and tear. Its portable design allows for easy placement and movement around your home.

Featuring a unique flakes type of ice cubes, this ice maker offers endless possibilities for creative uses. The lightweight and soft texture of the ice flakes make them perfect for crafting slushies, smoothies, or even garnishing your culinary creations.

With a power consumption of 380 Watts, the SZB40 operates efficiently while achieving optimal ice production capacity. The ice maker also incorporates a self-cleaning mode, eliminating the hassle of manual cleaning and maintaining its performance over time.

For convenient ice retrieval, an ice scoop is included, making serving hassle-free and mess-free. With its residential usage design, the Sunpentown SZB40 ice maker is the perfect choice for households that require a high-capacity ice production solution, while its self-cleaning mode and included ice scoop make it a convenient and reliable addition to any home.