THOR Kitchen Ice Machines

THOR Kitchen

THOR Kitchen is a top-quality manufacturer of mid-cost kitchen appliances, which are exactly suitable for kitchen professionals like chefs and gastronomes, as well as for people who’d like to obtain in their residential home well-made good-quality appliances that will work exactly as they should, perfectly contributing to making cuisine of excellent quality.

THOR Kitchen’s list of products includes outdoor and indoor kitchen appliances that come in individual units and suites, dishwashers, fridges, under-counter devices, icemakers, coolers of wine, systems of ventilation, ovens (working on heat and microwaves), cooktops and ranges. The company also manufactures accessories and spare parts for those. The hallmark of THOR Kitchen is a heavy focus on stainless steel in everything where it can be used: hulls, parts, nodes, buttons, handles, faucets, etc. Even the name plates shine with the excellence of stainless steel! So, if you’re into real quality, where there is no place for plastic and lame manufacturing, then THOR Kitchen is the only choice.

The ice maker models are basically 15" built-in or freestanding devices that can produce around 50 lbs of ice per day and store up to 25 lbs.

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