The XO XOUIM1565SP ice maker is a Built-In type ice maker that combines exceptional performance with versatile design. With a daily ice production capacity of 65 lbs., this ice maker ensures you never run out of ice, whether you're hosting a large gathering or just enjoying a chilled beverage at home.

Equipped with a generous 27 lbs. ice storage capacity, the XOUIM1565SP provides ample space to store your ice until it's ready to be used. The sleek Stainless Steel color adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen decor and blends seamlessly with other appliances.

The bullet type of cubes produced by this ice maker are perfect for a variety of beverages and are sure to enhance the drinking experience. The XOUIM1565SP is designed for residential usage and is built to last, with a weight of 104 lbs. that ensures sturdiness and durability.

For added convenience, this ice maker features field reversible doors, allowing for flexible installation options to suit your kitchen layout. The self-cleaning mode ensures easy maintenance and hygienic ice production, while the factory installed drain pump eliminates the need for additional installations and streamlines the cleaning process.

Approved for outdoor use, the XOUIM1565SP lets you enjoy ice-cold drinks while entertaining guests on your patio or by the pool. The front venting design ensures efficient cooling performance, while the included ice scoop makes it easy to serve ice to your family and friends.

With the XO XOUIM1565SP ice maker, you can elevate your entertaining experience and always have ice on hand for any occasion. Its impressive features, stylish design, and reliable performance make it a valuable addition to any kitchen or outdoor space.