DCS Ice Machines


One of today’s innovative brands in appliances for commercial and household users, DCS is a part of a larger business family today. The DCS Company originated in 1989 in California, US, with a primary focus on grilling equipment for individual clients. It pioneered with a grill model that’s known today as the Premium Outdoor Grill. The chances are high that one of the modifications of that model is in a garage of you or someone you know (and you periodically use it to make a sizzling-yummy grill of sausages and stakes).

On the verge of a wave of success, in 2004, DCS merged with Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Inc., which is headquartered in New Zealand. Fisher & Paykel is an old company that was founded in 1934 as an importer of household and commercial appliances but soon started to manufacture them. In 2012, over 90% of the shares of Fisher & Paykel were bought by the Haier Company.

Today, its catalog offers not only grilling or storage equipment but also cooling appliances, including ice machines. In addition to beverage chillers, beer dispensers, and fridges, there are large outdoor commercial-purpose ice makers.