The DCS RF15IR3 is a versatile and high-quality ice maker that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. With its sleek stainless steel design, it effortlessly blends into any kitchen or outdoor setting. This built-in ice maker is capable of producing up to 39 lbs. of ice per day, ensuring that you never run out of ice during gatherings or events.

With its 18 lbs. ice storage capacity, you can store and have easy access to a large amount of ice whenever you need it. The cube type of cubes produced by this ice maker are the perfect size for a variety of beverages, keeping drinks cool without diluting them too quickly.

At a weight of 125.00 lbs, this ice maker is sturdy and durable. Its 180 Watts power consumption ensures energy efficiency, while the R134A refrigerant type guarantees optimal cooling performance. The automatic defrost feature keeps the ice maker clean and hygienic, while the self-cleaning mode ensures hassle-free maintenance.

The DCS RF15IR3 requires a drain and includes a water filter, ensuring that the ice produced is of the highest quality. Its front venting design allows for easy installation, while the built-in pump adds convenience to the process. The bin light promotes visibility, making it easy to scoop ice even in low-light conditions.

Approved for outdoor use, this ice maker is designed to withstand varying weather conditions, making it suitable for patio or outdoor kitchen settings. It includes an ice scoop for easy serving, while the commercially approved status ensures its reliability and durability.

With its auto shut off feature, the DCS RF15IR3 automatically stops producing ice when the storage bin is full, preventing overflow and saving energy. Overall, this ice maker combines convenience, efficiency, and durability, making it an excellent addition to any residential or commercial setting.