The GE UNC15NPRII Profile Series Ice Maker is a high-performance and technologically advanced built-in appliance that is sure to meet all your ice needs. With a daily ice production capacity of 50 lbs, this ice maker is perfect for both everyday use and entertaining.

Featuring a 26 lbs ice storage capacity, this ice maker ensures that you always have a sufficient supply of ice readily available. The Panel Ready color option allows you to customize the exterior to seamlessly blend with your kitchen cabinetry, creating a sleek and cohesive look.

Weighing 143.00 lbs, the GE UNC15NPRII is a durable and heavy-duty ice maker built to withstand the test of time. The nugget type of cubes produced by this ice maker is ideal for a range of applications, including mixed beverages, smoothies, and even chewing.

Designed for residential usage, this ice maker offers several convenient features. The field reversible doors allow for easy customization of the door swing, providing flexibility in installation and usage. The self-cleaning mode ensures that the ice maker stays clean and hygienic, eliminating the need for frequent manual cleaning.

A drain is required for this ice maker, ensuring easy disposal of excess water. The door open alarm notifies you when the door has been left ajar, preventing ice melting and energy wastage. The water filter guarantees that you have clean and great-tasting ice every time.

Equipped with a water quality sensor, this ice maker continuously monitors the water quality to optimize ice production. Added Wi-Fi connectivity allows for remote control and monitoring through a smartphone app, making it a smart appliance that enhances convenience and control.

With front venting, the GE UNC15NPRII can be seamlessly installed under counters or in tight spaces. It also accepts custom panels, allowing you to match it perfectly with your existing cabinetry. An ice scoop is included for easy ice retrieval, while the bin light illuminates the interior for effortless visibility of ice levels.

Overall, the GE UNC15NPRII Profile Series Ice Maker delivers exceptional performance, smart functionality, and customizable aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for those who demand the best in their kitchen appliances.