Hestan Ice Machines


If your choice is top-notch high-class appliances for commercial and home use, then Hestan is one of a few choices. The company makes an emphasis on affluent clients of both segments, which put quality above all. Its ice machines are costly and very well-made, not dipping under several thousand dollars in their cost. Hestan ice makers are mainly outdoor appliances, which are designed for HoReCa users and can be standalone, countertop, and under-counter models. Other products of the company are ovens, freezers, wine coolers, ventilation appliances, outdoor & indoor equipment, and cookware.

Those buying the products from Hestan are attracted by its award-winning quality and exclusivity, which is manifested in every part of the product. The company’s headquarters is in Anaheim, California, US. It partners with a few companies with a similar direction of business, offering integration with their products to create more sophisticated ensembles of appliances. It also outruns its competitors by offering a unique concierge service, which also denotes its focus on the ultimate level of quality of its products and client service.