JennAir Ice Machines


Meet JennAir, a 76-year-old company (as of 2023), established in 1947 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the US. Today, it is headquartered in Michigan. The list of its ice machines includes models of 3-something thousand dollars in cost, which are under-counter pieces that can fit the designs of various interiors thanks to their kit of finishing panels (with a variety of colors).

In addition to ice makers, the company produces other appliances and equipment, including:

  • • Ovens and cooktops
  • • Ventilation
  • • Microwaves
  • • Fridges
  • • Dishwashers
  • • Small appliances and others.

It also collaborates with various brands to make sure their appliances smoothly connect to these companies’ products for household and commercial users. It also actively embraces modern technologies, which allow uniting its appliances in one ecosystem thanks to control via a mobile app.

Although JennAir was acquired in the past by a few other companies, it always maintained its distinctive brand. The latest acquisition was in 2006 by the Whirlpool Corporation (est. 1911, headquartered also in Michigan).