Kool-It Ice Machines


Kool-It is the name of the brand that is marketed by the company named MVP Group. The company started its activities around 50 years ago, today, focusing on various HoReCa appliance products, such as microwaves, tables, ovens, product stands and shelves, fridges, slicers, mixers, dishwashers, cutters, air systems, and, of course, ice makers. MVP Group sells multiple brands of products, such as Osion, Jet-Tech, Axis, Primo, Sierra, Kool-It, Ikon, Sharp, SteelWorks, and Hydra Kool. The company also provides technical maintenance and spare parts for its products, including ones of the Kool-It brand.

There are a plethora of ice machines under the brand Kool-It on the market:

  • • One-door & double-door
  • • Vertical and horizontal
  • • Countertop and under-counter models
  • • Producing ice of various forms and sizes.

Although the biggest part of ice machine models produced by Kool-It is for commercial purposes (with several hundred pounds of ice in daily production), there are some models for households (making not so much ice a day).

Models List