Kool-It KOU70AB

Kool-It KOU70AB

The Kool-It KOU70AB ice maker is a versatile and efficient appliance that is ideal for both residential and commercial use. With its freestanding design, this ice maker can be easily placed and moved to any desired location.

With a daily ice production capacity of 66 lbs, you can enjoy a continuous supply of ice to meet your needs. The 26 lbs ice storage capacity ensures you always have enough ice on hand.

The stainless steel color adds a sleek and modern look to any space, while the 119.00 lbs weight ensures stability and durability.

Featuring a gourmet type of cubes, this ice maker produces high-quality ice that is perfect for beverages and cocktails. With a power consumption of 180 Watts, it is energy-efficient without compromising on performance.

The R134A refrigerant type and manual defrost system ensure efficient cooling and easy maintenance. The field reversible doors add convenience and flexibility to suit your space.

The self-cleaning mode allows for hassle-free cleaning, while the drain required ensures proper water drainage. The water filter helps to provide clean and fresh ice.

Approved for outdoor use, this ice maker is built to withstand various weather conditions. The front venting allows for convenient installation and ventilation. The removable basket and included ice scoop make it effortless to serve and transfer ice.

Equipped with a built-in pump, this ice maker ensures efficient water circulation. The bin light illuminates the ice storage area for easy visibility.

With its commercial-grade construction, this ice maker is commercially approved for use in restaurants, bars, and other foodservice establishments. The automatic defrost and auto shut off features add convenience and help to conserve energy.

Overall, the Kool-It KOU70AB ice maker offers superior performance, durability, and convenience for all your ice-making needs.