Magic Chef MCIM22B

Magic Chef MCIM22B

The Magic Chef MCIM22B ice maker is a portable and versatile appliance that is perfect for residential use. With a daily ice production capacity of 27 lbs., this countertop MCIM22 ice maker ensures a reliable supply of ice for all your cooling needs. The 1.5 lbs. ice storage capacity allows you to have a small reserve of ice at all times.

The sleek black color of this ice maker gives it a modern and stylish look, seamlessly blending with any kitchen or bar décor. Weighing just 20.30 lbs., it is lightweight and easy to transport, making it a convenient option for use in different areas of your home.

The gourmet type of cubes produced by this ice maker adds a touch of sophistication to your beverages. These cubes are larger and slower melting, perfect for cocktails, sodas, and other drinks.

This ice maker features a self-cleaning mode that ensures your ice is always fresh and free from impurities. The built-in water filter further enhances the quality of the ice, providing you with clean and clear cubes every time.

The removable basket allows for easy access to the ice, making it convenient to transfer to a cooler or ice bucket. The included ice scoop makes it effortless to handle and serve the ice. The bin light illuminates the interior, allowing you to monitor the ice levels and manage your ice supply effectively.

Overall, the Magic Chef MCIM22B ice maker offers a convenient and reliable solution for residential ice production. With its portable design, generous daily ice production, and user-friendly features like the self-cleaning mode, water filter, removable basket, and bin light, this ice maker is a valuable addition to any home.