Magic Chef Ice Machines

Magic Chef

If you’re looking for America’s oldest companies, then Magic Chef is definitely one of them. It was organized in 1901 as a merger of 8 smaller companies in Cleveland, Chicago, and St. Louis a response to the fast pace of stove market growth of that time. Not so long after its organization, it delivered to the market an innovative product: a stove with a controlled temperature, which was immediately liked by everyone & changed the market of household stoves forever.

The name of the brand originated in the late 1920s and it turned out so successful that the company itself switched from its previous name to Magic Chef Inc. in the middle of the last century. Over the following years, the manufacturer tried to expand its product line to other niches, including making ice machines, with various degrees of success.

During the 1950s-2000s, the manufacturer underwent a series of sales & mergers, changing its mother companies multiple times. The last so far sale was to Whirlpool Corp. in 2006, which acquired it to then spin it off into an independent wing that is today called MC Alliance Corporation. Despite the change of the company’s name, Magic Chef is still a powerful brand, which produces, among the rest, ice makers of portable and other models.