Marvel ML15CLP2RP

Marvel ML15CLP2RP

The Marvel ML15CLP2RP ice maker is a versatile unit that can be used as both a freestanding and built-in appliance. With a daily ice production capacity of 39.83 lbs, it ensures a steady supply of ice for any occasion. The ice maker also boasts a generous storage capacity of 35 lbs, allowing you to store a large amount of ice for future use. Its Panel Ready color option seamlessly blends with any kitchen decor, while its 160.00 lbs weight ensures stability and durability.

The ice maker produces cube-shaped ice, perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you're hosting a party or need ice for daily use, this machine can meet all your ice needs. It is specifically designed for residential usage, making it a great addition to any home.

The Marvel ML15CLP2RP operates using R134A refrigerant, which is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It features an automatic defrost system that prevents ice buildup and ensures consistent performance. Additionally, the ice maker incorporates a self-cleaning mode, making maintenance a breeze.

A drain is required with this ice maker, facilitating easy disposal of excess water. The built-in water filter enhances the quality of the ice, ensuring a clean and refreshing taste. Front venting allows for flexible installation options, while the ability to accept custom panels allows you to integrate the ice maker seamlessly into your cabinetry.

Convenience features include a removable basket for easy ice access, an included ice scoop, and a bin light that illuminates the interior for effortless visibility. The auto shut off feature ensures energy efficiency by automatically turning off the machine when the ice bin is full or when the required temperature is reached. Overall, the Marvel ML15CLP2RP ice maker offers outstanding performance and convenience for all your ice-making needs.