Marvel Ice Machines


Marvel Refrigeration is a 131-year company (that originated in 1892), far before anyone could associate the word "Marvel" with a comic book or a blockbuster movie. It is headquartered in Greenville, Michigan, the US. Back in those times, the name of the company was Ranney Refrigerator Co. Since then, it has been obtaining patents for its numerous inventions in the field of ice-making and delivery, with the first-ever cabinet-looking water-cooling system patented in 1917. Throughout its years, the company was on the brim of innovations, development, and a powerful driver for the local economy.

Today the company manufactures:

  • • Ice makers
  • • Dispensers
  • • Freezers
  • • Refrigerators
  • • Wine coolers
  • • Beverage centers.

It has its own scientific wing, which makes sure innovations in this company do not stop. Also, unlike some large international companies that outsource technical and engineering aspects of production to third countries, Marvel produces everything in the US, including their ice machines. The models of ice makers by Marvel include under-counter, low-profile, built-in, outdoor, and indoor ones.

Models List