Marvel MLCL215SG01B

Marvel MLCL215SG01B

The Marvel MLCL215SG01B is a top-of-the-line Built-In ice maker that combines efficiency, style, and durability. With a daily ice production of 38 lbs. and an impressive storage capacity of 28 lbs., this ice maker ensures you never run out of ice, making it perfect for both everyday home use and entertainment purposes.

Featuring a sleek Stainless Steel color, this ice maker adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or bar area. Weighing 125.00 lbs., it is built to withstand heavy use and offers reliable performance for years to come.

With its Cube type of cubes, the Marvel MLCL215SG01B produces clear, solid ice cubes that are perfect for keeping your beverages ice-cold without diluting them. Whether you're serving drinks at a party or enjoying a refreshing beverage at home, these cubes are sure to impress.

Designed for residential usage, this ice maker is equipped with field reversible doors, giving you the flexibility to adjust the door swing to suit your space. The drain required ensures hassle-free maintenance by allowing water to be easily disposed of.

The front venting design of this ice maker allows it to be seamlessly integrated into cabinetry, providing a seamless look in your kitchen. Additionally, the bin light illuminates the ice bin, making it effortless to scoop out ice, even in low-light conditions.

Overall, the Marvel MLCL215SG01B is an exceptional ice maker that meets all your ice-making needs. Its powerful performance, elegant design, and convenient features make it the ideal choice for those who want an ice maker that combines functionality and style.