Maxx Ice Machines

Maxx Ice

Maxx Ice is one of the commercial brands of the company named The Legacy Companies. One part of it manufactures ice makers and other appliances, as well as makes all the innovation happen thanks to research and envisioning. Another part of it deals with distribution, both domestic and international.

The company started in 1880 and since then, it has been renamed several times and also underwent mergers and acquisitions to control today a variety of other companies under its business umbrella. The company acquired its modern name in 1998. The headquarters of the company is in Weston, Florida, US.
Under the Maxx Ice brand, the company manufactures ice makers, beverage centers, ice storage bins, modular and classic models, indoor and outdoor units, residential and commercial ice machines, as well as wine coolers. Another closely connected trademark Maxx Cold (also by this company) produces refrigerators.

The products of the company broadly cater to various commercial clients: the HoReCa segment, medical facilities, laboratories, blood banks, research facilities, fast food chains, and many more.

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