Summit BIM44GADA Commercial

Summit BIM44GADA Commercial

The Summit BIM44GADA Commercial series ice maker is a highly functional appliance that can be used as both a freestanding and built-in type. With a daily ice production capacity of 50 lbs., this ice maker is perfect for commercial settings where a steady supply of ice is required. The 25 lbs. ice storage capacity ensures that a sufficient amount of ice is always available for immediate use.

Featuring a sleek Stainless Steel color, this ice maker adds a professional and stylish touch to any commercial space. With a weight of 100 lbs., it is solidly built to withstand the demands of a commercial environment.

The BIM44GADA ice maker produces cube-shaped ice, which is versatile and ideal for a wide range of beverages. The consistent shape and quality of the ice cubes ensure that drinks are served at their best.

Designed for commercial usage, this ice maker features a dial thermostat and uses R134A refrigerant, providing reliable temperature control and efficient cooling performance. The automatic defrost feature ensures that the unit remains free from ice buildup, preventing any interruptions in ice production.

The BIM44GADA ice maker offers convenient features to meet the demands of a busy commercial setting. The field reversible doors allow for flexibility in installation, adapting to various space configurations. The self-cleaning mode simplifies maintenance and helps maintain a clean and sanitary ice production environment.

Additional features include a door open alarm, which alerts users if the door is left open, ensuring energy efficiency and preserving the quality of the ice. The front venting design enables easy installation, while the included ice scoop ensures hygienic ice handling.

With a factory-installed drain pump and built-in pump, the BIM44GADA ice maker provides easy and efficient water drainage. The bin light illuminates the ice storage area for easy visibility and access.

Commercially approved, this ice maker meets the rigorous standards of a commercial setting, ensuring durability and performance. An automatic shut off feature stops ice production when the ice storage bin is full, preventing overflow and maintaining operational efficiency.

To summarize, the Summit BIM44GADA Commercial series ice maker is a reliable and efficient appliance designed for commercial use. With its impressive ice production capacity, convenient features, and durable construction, it is an excellent choice for businesses in need of a steady supply of ice.