U-Line UHNP315SS01A 3 Class

U-Line UHNP315SS01A 3 Class

The U-Line UHNP315SS01A 3 Class series ice maker is a versatile and powerful appliance that is perfect for both freestanding and built-in use. Whether you want to place it as a standalone unit or seamlessly integrate it into your cabinetry, this ice maker can adapt to your needs.

With an impressive daily ice production capacity of 90 lbs., this ice maker ensures that you never run out of ice, even during large gatherings or parties. It also has a generous ice storage capacity of 30 lbs., providing ample space to store ice for later use.

Designed in a sleek Stainless Steel color, this ice maker adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen or entertainment area. With its 112.00 lbs weight, it offers stability and durability.

The U-Line UHNP315SS01A produces nugget-shaped ice cubes, which are known for their chewable texture and ability to retain the flavor of your drinks. These cubes are perfect for a wide range of applications, from chilling beverages to making slushies and cocktails.

This ice maker is designed for residential usage and offers a range of convenient features. It has field reversible doors, allowing you to customize the way the doors open to fit your kitchen layout. A drain is required for this ice maker, ensuring proper water disposal.

Equipped with a water filter, this ice maker delivers clean and filtered ice cubes, ensuring the purity and taste of your beverages. With front venting, it can be seamlessly incorporated into cabinetry or placed under countertops without obstructing airflow.

The U-Line UHNP315SS01A accepts custom panels, allowing you to match it to your kitchen décor and create a cohesive look. It also features a removable basket for easy cleaning and maintenance. An ice scoop is included, ensuring hygienic ice retrieval.

With a bin light, this ice maker illuminates the interior, making it easy to see the ice supply, even in low-light conditions.

Overall, the U-Line UHNP315SS01A 3 Class series ice maker is a reliable and versatile appliance. With its powerful ice production, adaptable installation options, and convenient features, it is an ideal addition to any residential kitchen or entertainment area.