U-Line Ice Machines


If you’re typically expecting a variety of models from your supplier of appliances, U-Line is exactly such a company. It has a plethora of residential and commercial models, which include ice makers, beverage centers and dispensers, under-counter & countertop models, refrigerators of wine and products, freezers, outdoor and indoor appliances, marine models (corrosion-resistant), chillers, tables for pizza and other food prep, and other things.

U-Line icemakers are represented by 10 models as of 2023, and they can make clear ice, nugget ice, and crescent ice. In size, they range from 14" to 18". They all come in a number of finishes to better suit any house or commercial premises. As for the price, it is around $2,000 for all models (since the company does not sell ice makers on its website directly, only providing information about them, the distribution is made via a network of dealers, which can deliver the company’s products nearly all over the world, but the price may vary).

A little bit of history: U-Line was established in 1962 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US. This city has been and stays the only place of U-Line’s headquarters.