U-Line UOCR115SS01B Outdoor

U-Line UOCR115SS01B Outdoor

The U-Line UOCR115SS01B Outdoor Series Ice Maker is an exceptional appliance designed to deliver high-quality ice for both residential and outdoor use. This versatile ice maker comes in a sleek Stainless Steel color, adding a touch of elegance to any setting.

With a daily ice production capacity of 25 lbs., this ice maker ensures a steady supply of ice for various occasions. It also boasts a generous 25 lbs. ice storage capacity, eliminating the need for constant refilling and ensuring you always have ice on hand.

Featuring a freestanding and built-in design, this ice maker offers flexibility in installation. It can be easily incorporated into your existing kitchen cabinetry or placed separately as a standalone unit. Additionally, the field reversible doors provide further versatility, allowing you to adapt the ice maker to your specific spatial requirements.

In terms of durability, the U-Line UOCR115SS01B is built to withstand outdoor conditions. Approved for outdoor use, it is resistant to environmental factors such as humidity and temperature fluctuations, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments.

The front venting feature facilitates efficient cooling and prevents overheating, making it suitable for enclosed spaces. With its removable basket, maintaining and cleaning the ice maker is a breeze, enhancing its overall convenience and ease of use.

The U-Line UOCR115SS01B Outdoor Series Ice Maker produces crescent-shaped ice cubes, which not only have a visually appealing aesthetic but also provide optimum cooling efficiency due to their shape. These cubes are perfect for chilling beverages and cocktails, ensuring a refreshing experience for you and your guests.

Weighing 90.00 lbs, this ice maker offers a sturdy build that guarantees stability and long-term reliability. Whether you are hosting a backyard barbeque, pool party, or simply need a reliable ice supply for your home, the U-Line UOCR115SS01B Outdoor Series Ice Maker is a top-notch choice that combines functionality, style, and dependability.