Whirlpool W11424126

Whirlpool W11424126

The Whirlpool W11424126 ice maker is a versatile and efficient built-in appliance that caters to your ice production needs. With a substantial daily ice production capacity of 65 lbs., it is a perfect choice for residential usage, enabling you to keep up with the demands of your household or small business.

The ice maker features a generous 26 lbs. storage capacity, ensuring that you always have a sufficient supply of ice readily available. Its panel-ready color allows for seamless integration into any kitchen design by accepting custom panels, allowing you to match it with your cabinetry or existing decor.

Weighing only 4.00 lbs, this ice maker is lightweight and can be easily installed and moved as needed. It is designed to produce crescent-shaped ice cubes, known for their versatility and ability to keep beverages cold for an extended period.

The W11424126 ice maker requires a drain for proper operation, efficiently disposing of excess water. Furthermore, it is approved for outdoor use, being robust enough to withstand the elements, making it an ideal addition to your outdoor entertainment area or kitchen.

Designed with front venting, this ice maker can be installed under counters or in compact spaces without the risk of overheating. The removable basket provides easy access to ice and allows for hassle-free cleaning.

To ensure convenient serving, the W11424126 comes with an included ice scoop, allowing for hygienic and effortless dispensing of ice.

In summary, the Whirlpool W11424126 ice maker combines functionality and style to meet your ice production needs. With its impressive daily ice production and substantial storage capacity, it is a reliable and efficient choice for residential use. Its lightweight design, front venting, and acceptance of custom panels make it easy to install and integrate seamlessly into any kitchen or outdoor setting.