XO Ice Machines


XO Appliances is a New Jersey-based American company, which manufactures a broad range of appliances for kitchens, the HoReCa segment, and other commercial units:

  • • Microwaves
  • • Garbage disposals
  • • Refrigerators and coolers
  • • Ice makers
  • • Various kinds of range hoods
  • • Grills
  • • Ovens (gas and fire-wood)
  • • Kitchens in assembly
  • • Tables for food making
  • • Ventilation units
  • • Coolers of wine
  • • Beverage centers and other models.

The XO Appliances Company also manufactures ice-making appliances, which can produce clear ice and ice nuggets (both sturdy and chewable). Ice makers of the company are pretty expensive (4-6 thousand dollars apiece) and that’s why they are more considered commercial models. To satisfy the high level of demands of clients, all ice makers come panel-ready with a lot of color panel finishes, ready for seamless integration thanks to articulated hinges, with LED illumination in 6 colors, and a wonderful touch control panel. They are also pretty productive, capable of making up to 100 pounds of ice nuggets a day (depending on the model).

All in all, the XO brand is for those who highly cherish outstanding quality and amazing design. You can buy XO products in retailers across the entire East Coast of the US.