U-Line UACR014BS01A ADA Series

U-Line UACR014BS01A ADA Series

The U-Line UACR014BS01A ADA Series ice maker is a versatile and efficient appliance designed for freestanding use. With a daily ice production capacity of 23 lbs., it ensures a steady supply of ice for your residential needs.

The ice maker features a storage capacity of 12 lbs., providing ample space to store a significant quantity of ice without frequent refilling. The sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to any space, complementing your kitchen decor with its modern and sophisticated look.

Weighing 59.00 lbs., the UACR014BS01A is lightweight and easily movable, making it convenient for placing it wherever you need. It produces crescent-shaped ice cubes, known for their versatility and slow melting properties, ensuring your beverages stay cold without getting diluted quickly.

The field reversible doors offer flexibility in installation, allowing you to adapt the opening direction to suit your space and needs. Additionally, this ice maker requires a drain for proper operation, ensuring efficient water disposal to maintain optimal performance.

Designed with front venting, the UACR014BS01A can be installed under counters or in tight spaces without the risk of overheating. The removable basket provides easy access to ice cubes and simplifies the cleaning process.

For added convenience, this ice maker includes an ice scoop, allowing for sanitary and effortless serving. The bin light feature provides visibility and ease of use, making it convenient to retrieve ice, even in low-light settings.

In conclusion, the U-Line UACR014BS01A ADA Series ice maker combines convenience and style. With its daily ice production capacity and generous storage, it ensures a continuous supply of ice for residential use. The field reversible doors, front venting, and included ice scoop enhance usability, while the bin light feature adds convenience in darker environments.