U-Line UHCL115IS01A

U-Line UHCL115IS01A

The U-Line UHCL115IS01A ice maker is a high-quality appliance that is perfect for any residential setting. With its freestanding design, it can be placed anywhere in your home, allowing for easy access to ice whenever you need it.

This ice maker has an impressive daily ice production capacity of 55 lbs., ensuring that you always have an ample supply of ice for your drinks and parties. It also features a spacious 25 lbs. ice storage capacity, so you can store a large amount of ice for later use.

Designed in a subtle Panel Ready color, this ice maker seamlessly blends with your kitchen cabinetry and aesthetic. It weighs 100.00 lbs., providing stability and durability.

The U-Line UHCL115IS01A produces cube-shaped ice cubes that are perfect for a variety of uses, from refreshing beverages to chilling items in coolers. These cubes are uniform in size and melt slowly, ensuring that your drinks stay cold for longer periods.

This ice maker is specifically designed for residential usage and comes with a range of convenient features. It has field reversible doors, allowing you to customize the way the doors open to suit your kitchen layout. A drain is required for this ice maker, ensuring efficient water disposal.

With front venting, this ice maker can be easily integrated into cabinetry or placed under countertops without obstructing airflow. It also accepts custom panels, so you can match it to your existing kitchen décor.

The U-Line UHCL115IS01A features a removable basket for easy cleaning and maintenance. It also comes with an ice scoop included, ensuring hygienic ice retrieval. Additionally, it has a bin light, illuminating the interior for easy visibility of the ice supply, even in dim lighting conditions.

Overall, the U-Line UHCL115IS01A ice maker is a reliable and efficient appliance that provides a continuous supply of ice, making it the perfect addition to any residential kitchen or entertaining space.