Perlick Ice Machines


A combination of innovation, exceptional quality, and a history of craftsmanship compose the foundation of the Perlick Company. It has been family-owned for 5 generations (since 1917). The company originally aimed at manufacturing equipment for bars, particularly, dispensers of beverages. That’s their heavy focus today as well, as they keep serving thousands of clients in the HoReCa industry and associated industries: breweries, theme parks, and other facilities of public popularity. The main production facility is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US.

The company’s production lines also manufacture such items:

  • • Blender stations
  • • Drain boards
  • • Filler sections
  • • Ice chests and ice makers
  • • Ice cream cabinets
  • • Storage cabinets
  • • Sinks
  • • Corner filler sections
  • • Refrigerated cabinets and bar coolers
  • • Glass frosters
  • • Glass dishes
  • • Spare parts and accessories to all of the above.

The Perlick Company is both focused on commercial and residential solutions. As for the ice makers, the series comprises 15" cube makers for internal installation. Today, it’s possible to buy from Perlick through a network of dealers and representatives.

Models List