True Residential Ice Machines

True Residential

Once, a salesperson of the 7UP Company, traveling in business across the country in 1948, visited a bar in St. Louis, Missouri. He asked for a drink and when he received an excellently chilled beverage, he enjoyed its taste and noticed that it came from a pretty compact fridge that did not require ice to operate. It was a common thing of the era: large ice cubes delivered from local ice dealers were brought to various companies that required ice to make business, including bars. On the contrary, this refrigerator was a compact machine working solely on electricity that effectively chilled the beverages within it. A salesperson immediately wondered who the manufacturer of this was.

Little did he know that the manufacturer was right behind the corner — a recently established company True MFC Co., which today still works under this brand (to deliver products to commercial buyers) and under True Residential brand (to deliver to households). The 7UP Company immediately ordered a batch of such fridges, thus, effectively beginning a fruitful cooperation between the two, unwinding the story of the success of the True Company. Today, True is a manufacturer of ice machines, coolers, fridges, under-counter devices, and accessories for them. Excellence in quality, lots of finish colors, and moderate prices all contribute to the popularity of the brand today.