Manitowoc Ice Machines


Unlike most other companies that manufacture ice-making appliances in the US, Manitowoc is one of a few companies that are solely focused on manufacturing only them, not getting into the production of other kinds of appliances. The products that Manitowoc Ice (that’s the full name of the manufacturer) does include such types:

  • • Countertops and under-counter versions
  • • Traditional and modular
  • • Hotel dispensers
  • • With special protection from corrosion (to be installed in the spots close to the sea)
  • • Capable of making ice cubes and flakes of various sizes and shapes.

The company started its business in 1964, being located in the eponymous city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, US (hence the name). Today, it is a subsidiary of the Pentair Company, which employs over 11 thousand people.

Manitowoc is one of the highly innovative companies in their area, which for this company has always been ice. It invented an automated cleaning system for ice machines, an ice maker with a touch screen display, and then, in the late 1990s, the company invented a silent ice-making machine that no longer was emitting tedious noise and, therefore, could easily be installed inside the premises. Today, Manitowoc Ice is headquartered in a small city with a population of only 33,400.

C-Style Series

Parts Series